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Chef Angelo Bernardo DiGirolamo

About Us PageIt seems that Angelo has been in the restaurant business all of his life. At the age of nine, he worked at Café Roma in Marsala, Sicily selling pastries and homemade ice cream.

Angelo came to America in 1958, at age of eleven and started working at the age of twelve as a busboy at the famous Stella Restaurant. By the time he was fifteen he was working in the kitchen and cooking. He loved working with chef Anthony ‘Smokey’ Cognata at Stella’s and worked there for sixteen years.

Angelo also worked at Armida`s of Boston for two years. By this time he was ready to open his own restaurant and in 1979 Angelo opened Bernardo`s Ristorante, where he was chef-owner for nineteen years. After Bernardo`s closed, Angelo worked at Chianti`s of Beverly and Davide of Boston.

Whether Angelo is cooking a simple plate of pasta or a mouth-watering pan roasted lobster, his passion is unchanged. Angelo always had the desire to open another restaurant.

On October 7, 2002 Angelo opened Ristorante Olivio to instant success. Located across from the famous Capitol Theater diners immediately flocked to sample his way of preparing authentic Italian dishes